The legend of a Dragon Light Prince - Chapter 8

The lights were settling into their spots on the bookshelf in the tiny apartment. They had found this place three days ago, after almost dying at the hands of a monster, who also happened to be Buddy’s former human. With the city deserted and no humans in sight, it was no surprise they had found this place unlocked. Lunardo and Climbo cleared the bookcase and declared the top shelf their “brother-pad”. Drakey had some luck of his own and found a role of tape to fix Button’s damaged wing.

As had become the routine, the lights were settling in for the night and Drakey was getting psyched up to tell a story, as per Button’s request. The boys in the “brother-pad” made some comments about stories being for kids, but insisted they would stay awake for the tale “just in case Drakey made up some nonsense that needed correcting”.

“Just after the first monster war,” Drakey began.

“A dragon light king requested a family meeting. The King stood tall as his stern gaze swept over the city clearly visible from his chamber. The royal family stood in silence, trying to determine their dad’s mood. Without facing his wife and their two kids, he spoke in a strong, powerful voice. It was the King’s manner to start most family meetings with ramblings about the past and how he had come to be the king of this great city. Glomount City was located just east of the Mountain of Giants. After the war on monsters, the strongest, most fierce dragon light in the East took his rightful place as leader of Glomount city and with a firm hand and stubborn mind, he had ruled ever since.

The King finished his detailed recollection of the old days and turned to face his oldest and only son. “Henry,” said the King. “After some deliberation with your mom, we have come to the conclusion that you will never be fit to lead this kingdom.”

The words kept spilling out of the King’s mouth, spit flying like drops of acid, burning holes in Henry’s heart.

“No need to get emotional boy,” the King continued. “You are simply not what we imaged you to be. I mean. Look at the boys out there. So fit and strong, some of them can almost scare me”.

The King led out bit of a chuckle with his last statement.

“Henry my son, there are boys in the kingdom your age ready to be wed. You do not even have a girlfriend. Now that I think about it, do you even like girls my boy?” The King continued to explain that due to the lack of faith they had in their oldest son, Henry’s sister would be allowed to marry anyone from the royal guard and she will automatically be first in line to the throne.

Henry fled the scene of verbal torture and only stopped once he reached the far end of the castle gardens. His lips trembled and tears streamed down his cheeks. Henry knew he never wanted to be king anyway, but his father’s words pierced his heart and mind. “Why are you crying?” asked a familiar voice. Henry turned to face Edward, his dearest friend. Overcome with emotion he could not help but spill the beans to Edward about his father’s decision to disown his only son.

“We can run away you know. We can go into the mountains,” Edward suggested.

“You know we can’t, there are giants in the mountains” said Henry.

Henry’s protest fell on deaf ears. Edward was already following the forbidden trail towards the Mountain of Giants. The path led the two companions to the foot of the mountain where they stood in awe of the magnitude of the mountain reaching through the clouds.

“Let’s do this Henry,” said Edward. Fear and excitement made turns to alter the pitch in his voice. “What do we have to lose? We can start a new life, a life free from all of these rules.”

Henry knew about the dangers that lurked in the mountains, but he did not protest.

The two friends were high up in the mountains, climbing a narrow path on the edge of a dark canyon when the earth started to shake. As if the mountain had suddenly woke and was trying to shake two ants of its back. The one responsible for the racquet came storming straight towards Henry and Edward. The giant made loud noises as it stepped over enormous rocks as if they were nothing but small anthills. Henry knew that if they were not trampled to death, the unbearable sound from the giant’s mouth would surely kill them. The giant raised its massive foot and was just about to stamp the two lights into the ground, when Henry saw a piece of wood stuck in the giant’s heel. Henry looked at his friend and without saying a word, they jumped and grabbed onto the piece of wood. Still midair the two lights pulled the massive thorn from the giant’s heel and dropped to the ground. The giant broke their fall with his hands and lifted them up for further inspection. He mumbled something that sounded like thank you and placed the lights securely on his shoulders.

For years to come, Henry and Edward roamed the mountains on the shoulder of a giant. Although they were never seen again, their story spread through the Mountbug kingdom. Peasants and royalty alike never stopped talking about the dragon light prince. A prince so strong and so fierce, he could tame a giant.”

“Thank you” said Button as Drakey finished the story. Even Lunardo and Climbo listened, without interrupting. One by one, the lights switched off. Buddy, looked around at this place someone had once called home. It wasn’t much, but it was cosy. Finally, he switched off and for the first time in a very long time, it felt like everything was going to be all right.

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