Customers Thoughts

Elize Skriker

Thank you for the cute little Globug Chronicles. I love reading them to my daughter.

Marlaine Reynders

I received the awesome Car's Light today. Thank You so much Globug!!!!! Simply beautiful.....

Shafiqua Du Sart

We are absolutely smitten with Mila's Amore ceiling light in her bedroom.. It's like having a helium balloon permanently and elegantly hovering over her bed. Definitely the new main attraction in her bedroom. Thank you Globug

Stephanie Leeuwner-Schultz

Thanks Globug. My little boy just loves his Lunardo light - everybody that comes to visit must first come look at the moon in his room.

Suzanne Kruger

Brilliant products, Brilliant Service!

Sally-Ann Moreira

Thanks so much for the amazing ceiling light Globug! Thanks for the efficient service as well ... My daughter is obsessed!

Aletta Granger

Wow wow wow!! Your service is beyond awesome!!! Just received my gift! Thank you!!!! My daughter will be over the moon tonight.

Francois Cronje

Love the Globug Chronicles! Hope we see them in print one day!

Shafiqua Du Sart

I love all the designs, the colours, the fun characters and the awesome technology and the detailed creativity that has gone into some of the lights you have. I love that there is a light to fit any theme and a wide variety of products. My daughter is still madly in love with her Amore ceiling light.


Wow – what a great range of lighting on your website. Finally a South African website with a different range of lighting compared to what most stores stock and sell to us.


Was wondering when Philips was going to start marketing their lighting products in SA. Great website. Great service too.


Received my order yesterday. Thank you. So impressed with your service and the quality of the pendant.

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