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The GLOBUG Team is a team of individuals in South Africa who are passionate about lighting for kids and children of all ages. We strive to deliver exceptional quality lighting products and to offer great customer service whilst ensuring that our customers get the best possible deal when it comes to pricing. Our Globug website has been designed to provide our customers with a safe and easy way to browse and purchase a wide range of lights for children. Put us to the test and experience our customer-first approach.

About Our Product


In 2003, Philips Lighting, under their lighting brand “Massive,” launched a completely new concept in their collection of consumer luminaires. One such lighting product range was a fun filled concept with a special focus on children’s lighting with only one mission - to “Illuminate children’s rooms in a safe way, with luminaires that instantly make a room cosier and more fun to be in.”

The Philips range of lighting products and lamps has grown extensively in the last few years and with effect from 2013 a new range of Disney lamps, desk lights and night lights have been introduced to the selection of lights. GLOBUG is proud to be the official distributor and sole importer of Philips branded kids lights in South Africa.

Check out our exciting collection of children’s lighting on our GLOBUG website.

We deliver nationally to your preferred address in South Africa.

A light for every age group

GLOBUG offers a wide range of playful and fun lighting designs for children of all ages.

  • Babies lying in bed can stare at the ceiling when their room lights up in a rainbow of colours
  • Toddlers are intrigued by the interesting designs and shapes of the luminaires, stimulating their imagination and creativity
  • Young children can choose from a range of cute, fun and playful characters to make their room so much funkier
  • Kids of all ages can be inspired with the latest Disney themed lights
  • Teenagers can individualise their bedrooms with a selection of ambience lighting utilising the latest LED technology


Our Coccinet (ladybird) lights have two lighting points. The main light (the head of the ladybird) can be switched on/off with the pull switch. The small LED light on the flower functions as a night light and can be separately switched on/off.

Our latest portable lights, Mike and Sulley from Monsters INC and various other Disney characters are safe, state of the art and very popular with kids

We have also launched various candle light and tea light ranges with different well known characters for girls, namely Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and Repunzel.

Environmentally Friendly

The global environment is very important for the future of our children. That is why the lighting products offered by GLOBUG are as ‘’green’’ as possible. All our lights, where the lamps are included, are energy saving Philips bulbs. This helps us and our customer to achieve the best result in light output whilst ensuring that we focus on energy efficiency – a factor that is even more important when it comes to the South African consumer. The wooden components used in our lights are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood. Our ceiling lights, desk lights, wall lights and night lights are decorated with non-toxic paints, are cadmium free and are RoHs compliant.


When it comes to children, safety is our first concern. GLOBUG lights conform to strict European Safety Standards (EN60598-2-10), ensuring that children can enjoy their space without fear of electrocution, fire, hot globes that can burn little hands or any other dangers that can arise from handling electrical equipment. For example, sharp edges are avoided in all our products. The endings of all components are blunt to make sure that a child/parent cannot cut themselves on the armature.

When it comes to lamps, children may decide to pick up and handle their lamps thereby risking electrocution or burning of their hands. Our range of lamps are always low-voltage items - the bulb is always covered in soft material like plastic that has a low risk of breakage.

Our range of products have passed the necessary NRCS certification for use in South Africa.

Ceiling lights

Most of our Ceiling Lights for kid’s rooms and/or baby nursery come in a Flush or Semi-Flush mount. The Flush mount range attach directly to the ceiling with no gap between the light and ceiling. The Semi-Flush or Ceiling Mount Lights use a stem, cord or other part to create a gap between the light and ceiling. Our range of Ceiling Lights from Philips are as attractive as they are practical – always complimenting children’s furniture, accessories, linen and other decor and ensuring the best quality light produced for any room. GLOBUG’s range of Ceiling Lights provide great general lighting where you need it.

The slim profile of both a Flush mounted Ceiling Light or a Semi-Flush Ceiling Light is ideal and stylish for low ceilings. As you view our various choices of Ceiling Lights on the GLOBUG website, you will become aware of GLOBUG’s extensive variety of styles, themes and characters. Our Flush and Semi-Flush mount Ceiling Lights can be used effectively in boys bedrooms and girls bedrooms, baby nurseries, children’s play rooms, hallways, dens, kids walk in closets, girl’s dressing rooms, pyjama lounges as well as school classrooms.

In our Ceiling Light range, we have night light options as well – namely Coccinet Ceiling and Strea Ceiling and soon to be released myBuddy Ceiling luminaires. These are ideal for baby nurseries and bedrooms for kids that are afraid of dark rooms.

Wall lights

Our Wall Lights can further compliment the general lighting and mood within any kids room or indoor play area and add to the theme, decor and style you have already created for your child. Wall Lights have always been a functional means of introducing additional light indoors. Lighting a wall of a boys bedroom or girls bedroom, baby nursery, play room, hallway, den, walk in closet, dressing room, pyjama lounge and school room provides a beautiful touch as well as a functional necessity. Wall Lights are now also commonly used as bedside reading lights. GLOBUG offer a focused selection of children’s Wall Lights. Most of our range of Wall Lights has a matching Ceiling Light and/or Desk Light and Table Light to complete the look you desire for your kids indoor environment.

In our Wall Light range, we have night light options as well – namely Coccinet Wall and Ladybird Wall and soon to be released myBuddy Wall luminaires. These are ideal for baby nurseries and bedrooms for kids that are afraid of dark rooms.

Table/desk light

Our range of Table Lights and Desk Lights offer an easy to install light to improve the lighting in your kids room and add more style to the furniture, accessories and linen already in your child’s room. Using Table Lamps and/or Desk Lamps is an easy and cost effective way to enhance the lighting and decor of either a boys bedroom or girls bedroom, baby nursery, play room, hallway, den, walk in closet, dressing room, pyjama lounge and school room.

Whether you choose a luminaire with an Eco-Halogen bulb or one using the latest LED technology, you will be assured of safety for your child as all our Philips products are designed to follow European “child-appealing safety regulations”. Our Table and Desk Lights are simple, sleek, colourful, stylish and functional. Many of our Table Lights and Desk Lights have a matching Ceiling Light and/or Wall Light to complete the look and theme you desire for your kids indoor environment. Whatever your preference, GLOBUG’s Philips Table Lamps and/or Desk Lamps can bring an entirely new look to any room or bedside.

In our Table Light and Desk Light range, we have night light options as well – namely our myBuddy Table/Desk luminaire. These are ideal for baby nurseries and bedrooms for kids that are afraid of dark rooms.


Many people forget about the impact that lighting can make when designing a child’s playroom, bedroom and/or nursery.

Good lighting is important for everybody, but it is especially important for children.

The amount of natural light in a room and the light produced by good quality light fittings can set the emotional tone of a room.

We at GLOBUG offer a wide choice of Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, Table Lights, Desk Lights and Night Lights to give any room that extra touch.

And above all - Safety comes first! Your child’s safety is our main concern.

So show your children that you care. Light their world with one of our latest Ceiling Light, Wall Light, Table Light, Desk Light or Night Light designs or just dazzle their imaginations with one of our Disney themed lights.

“See what light can do” with GLOBUG and Philips.

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