Kico/Philips KidsPlace Avigo (Ceiling)Kico/Philips KidsPlace Avigo (Ceiling)
Kico/Philips KidsPlace Avigo (Ceiling)Kico/Philips KidsPlace Avigo (Ceiling)
Kico/Philips KidsPlace - Ceiling Lights

Avigo (Ceiling)

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We would like to introduce the most popular ceiling light for kids in South Africa - Avigo Ceiling Light.

Planes are always popular with kids - especially boys. This Ceiling Light sports mobile-like, attractively coloured planes, painted in non-toxic bright red, yellow and blue paint and made from wood.

Our Avigo Ceiling Light is also popular with customers looking for wooden children's lights. The light bulb covering is made from glass but the remainder of the decorative parts of the light fitting are made from wood and rope.

Overall - this light is a medium sized ceiling light made from quality parts and featuring bright colored planes.

Avigo can be matched with our whole range of fun Desk Lights and/or Wall mounted Lights from the GLOBUG range on this website.

Product Code 40153/55/16
Dimensions 400mm x 430mm x 400mm
Bulb Included No
Bulb Type 1 x 40W
Material Wood/Bamboo/Reed/Glass
Review by Vickie
THis is so sweet. It will make any boy fall asleep... he will be captivated in the beauty of this awsome light
Posted: 03/06/2014

Review by Priya P. Singh
What a gorgeous product - it encourages kids to see sleep time as fun time and helps them have fantastic dreams full of adventure
Posted: 20/05/2014

Review by Natalea Kerslake
This lights is so cute! We are moving shortly and changing our toddler to a bed, and therefore changing his room theme to transport. This would look so cute and match the linen we bought for him. I have also heard from a friend that the quality of your products is amazing.
Posted: 16/05/2014

Review by Globug
Avigo is the most popular and best selling boys lights for 2014.
Posted: 19/01/2014

Review by Charnelle Sauer
I like the Avigo ceiling light, hubby and I are planning for a baby in the new year, he's into aviation and training for his pilot's license and would be perfect if we pregnant with a boy
(via Facebook "Disney Africa" December 23 2013)
Posted: 23/12/2013

Review by Kristi Fraser
A classic light, suitable for boys of many ages, beautiful, simplistic, just right.
Posted: 25/10/2013

Review by Olla Hanekom
My son absolutely love this light I can highly recommend it! The service was excellent that I received, when I bought this light.
Posted: 23/10/2013

Review by radhiika lalman
this is beautiful all are my son loves planes it gives colour to the room and little boys would love to have one in their room they are all beautiful its difficult to choose
Posted: 22/10/2013

Review by Gerda Rennison
I can clearly see why the Avigo is one of the best sellers for boys! Its everything a little boy would want out of a light! The planes are perfect to fascinate little boys!
Posted: 21/10/2013

Review by Collin
Cool coloured ceiling light for my toddler's room - and next expensive either. Great value.
Posted: 18/10/2013

Review by Annelize Jansen van Rensburg
I absolutely love this, I can just see my son staring at this for hours till he falls asleep, this is definately on my shopping list!
Posted: 18/10/2013

Review by Natasha Lee Hunter
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I made mention of the Monty Ceiling light, but this one tops the cake. I personally like the Flower Ceiling light for my room, and think I will get one of these for my son - wait just seen the Ymbo and Rocky - oh man I cant decide. WOW!
Posted: 17/10/2013

Review by wonderful products
this is a really great product for little boys
Posted: 17/10/2013

Review by Madeleine
Excellent quality
Posted: 17/10/2013

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