Disney LIC Cars LightDisney LIC Cars Light
Disney LIC Cars LightDisney LIC Cars Light
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LIC Cars Light

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The GLOBUG team have yet to find a young boy that is not enthralled by the Disney movie “CARS”.

So you can imagine how popular our CARS themed Living Colours LED Table Light / Desk Light is with children that have seen the movie and/or have Lighting McQueen toys. This Disney Table Light / Desk Light is packed with the latest LED lamp technology and produces up to 64 different colours of light. It is as easy as touching and swiping the colour strip on the top of the light fitting to instantly change the light colour.

Our CARS Table Light / Desk Light is so easy and fun to use. As an added feature, your kid can just push the on/off button for 5 seconds and let the LIC Micro CARS Desk Light do all the work by showing the whole range of colours automatically with a change of colours every few seconds. This new light fitting is of great quality, child-friendly, fun and colourful, and represents great value for money. Extremely popular with boys under the age of 10 years.

Product Code 71704/32/16
Dimensions 100mm x 110mm x 120mm
Bulb Included Yes
Bulb Type 1 x 4.7W LED (64 colours)
Material Synthetic
Review by Marlaine Reynders
I received the awesome Car''s Light today, Thank You so much Globug!!!!! Simply beautiful.....
Posted: 15/03/2014

Review by cirsten van den heuvel
think this light is in the box today
Posted: 20/02/2014

Review by Ilse Leach
Perfect light for monster, humm humm... he loves his Disney cartoons especially if there is a cool Lightning McQueen car in it!
Posted: 28/01/2014

Review by Tertia Burns
Globug's disney lights are so unique and this cars light would be a perfect accessory to any little boy's room, especially mine.
Posted: 28/01/2014

Review by Marlaine Reynders
My grandson would absolutely L.O.V.E this GORGEOUS Car Light - Lightning McQueen is his All Time BIG Favourite and that is why the Cars Light would be soooooo perfect for his room, he would <3 ADORE <3 this beautiful light!! <3 One of the awesome features: he can just push the on/off button for 5 seconds and let the LIC Micro CARS Desk Light do all the work by showing the whole range of colours automatically( any child would love that) with a change of ;-) colours ;-) every few seconds - he will love that wonderful feature and will keep him busy for all long time, wonderful light that is child-friendly, full of fun, bright and colourful and Good Quality!!! Well done Globug <3
Posted: 28/01/2014

Review by Amalia Appleton
Funky, cool, every little boys dream light... And saving mommy money as well, best of both worlds!!
Posted: 28/01/2014

Review by Madelein
My son would love this especially that everything must be lighting mcqueen all the way
Posted: 28/01/2014

Review by Cirsten Van Den Heuvel
This is so perfect for a little boy. My son is turning 3 next month having a cars theme party and just has recently started sleeping in his own room. This looks so perfect.
Posted: 27/01/2014

Review by Engela Timcke
This is absolutely gorgeous. I've got two boys, the one has outgrown Lightning McQueen and the other is now 2.5 and loves the red car from Radiator Springs. This light is child-friendly, colourful its ideal for those nights Aiden wants the lights on. As he calls him "mighty McqMeen"
Posted: 27/01/2014

Review by Amanda Brown
Too cute! My son would love this!!
Posted: 27/01/2014

Review by Thatcher Namakau Reed
Lic-Cars Light is an awesome light for boys.My son will love it because it shows all range of colours and it will be easy for him to switch it on and is child friendly and fun.He loves cars a lot you know boys will be boys.Thank you Globug for the awesome products <3
Posted: 27/01/2014

Review by Carey Muller
Love this!! My little boy would go crazy for this really cool light!
Fears for little ones at night time are horrible and this awesome light will be sure to make my little one sleep securely :)
Posted: 27/01/2014

Review by Alexia
Finally a quality Disney light available for sale in South Africa. Thank you Globug.
Posted: 02/11/2013

Review by Bianca Mulder
I just came across your website and I'm like WOW! So many moms complain that their young children are afraid of the dark, or night terrors, and I think you lamps will drive all those "monsters" away!!! Stunning :)
Posted: 31/10/2013

Review by Ricky Wilson
Wow, this is so awesome my son will just love this! and I see something hiding back there :-)
Posted: 31/10/2013

Review by Bronwen Beytell
Found the little pumkin!! Love the little light!!
Posted: 30/10/2013

Review by Stephanie Barnard
Found another pumpkin the light is too cute.
Posted: 30/10/2013

Review by chantelle marais
Great Cars light :) - perfect for any boys room! I can see you hiding little Halloween pumpkin.
Posted: 30/10/2013

Review by Sandy Solomons
Love this, my son would absolutely adore this stunning light!
Posted: 30/10/2013

Review by Roshan R
I also heard that some of the Halloween decorations went missing among all the lights....just to let you know that I can see you hiding little Halloween pumpkin ;)
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Roshan.R.
This awesome light will appeal to both young & old. With a varied range of 64 colours, it allows children to colour their world with light.
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Justine Burgess
This Disney light is a wonderful and safe design for my little 4 year old, who is enthralled with the movie CARS and how lights work! Red is also his favourite colour - this light would come in very handy! :-)
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Got your lost decoration
Love this my son is crazy about cars such a nice light for a boys room
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Joy Harrison
Lightening Mc Queen sure like his pumpkins!
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Nicole Connell
Love the Disney cars light AND I FOUND ONE OF THE MISSING HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS - woop, woop, my nephew is CARS made and would be in 7th heaven with this
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by RANGILA
Absolutely love it. This will just just compliment any boys room.
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Cherise mostert
Found pumpkin
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Lee-Ann Patrick
I see it, Lightning McQueen has pinched the pumpkin lantern!
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Carin Wessels
This is so awesome for every little cars loving boy!! Love it!! *Spotting missing Halloween decoration*
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Caryn Step
Awesome light, bound to make any little dude super happy!
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Carmen Petersen
What a stunning desk light. Great for little boys. And available in 64 colours. Brilliant!
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by alica kleingeld
I found the pumpkin decoration yay!
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Warren Papas
Light...Ning Mcqueen, what an awesome way to go to sleep...
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Leigh-Anne
So glad I found the hiding pumpkin behind Lightning McQueen because this is a divine light! My son would be over the moon to have this next to his bed keeping him safe from the boogy man.
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by Annelize Jansen van rensburg
am so in love with this light, my son's room will be transformed into a little kid paradise with this special feature!
Posted: 29/10/2013

Review by tessa
What a stunning and amazing product, my son would love it. Would be a great save on energy bills and a parents piece of mind, that the light is 100% safe for the entire night. Love it,Love it.
Posted: 25/10/2013

Review by Zona Geyer
This is so awesome! So many (64) color options and energy saving
Posted: 25/10/2013

Review by Kristi Fraser
Every little car enthusiasts dream, beautifully done and perfect for that Cars themed bedroom or the perfect addition to daddy`s office, an all round favourite.
Posted: 23/10/2013

Review by Taryn Little
Wroom wroom perfect for any little lightning mc queen! will keep the little one fasinated!
Posted: 18/10/2013

Review by Madeleine
Which little boy doesnt love Lightning McQueen? Love the fact that you can change the colours.
Posted: 17/10/2013

Review by Alicia Buckle
I absolutely love this Cars light!! Perfect for any little boys room. With 64 colour options it really is amazing plus with it being a LED light it will be sure to save you money on your electricity bill and be kind to mother earth all at the same time!!
Posted: 17/10/2013

Review by Sonja Ferreira
To cute, great for my little racer’s room
Posted: 16/10/2013

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